About Dance Planet BET

To give youths around the world a global platform to positively influence the world with their gifts and talents; whereby they will the rewarded in the process.

Bringing youths together to compete with other gifted and talented youths, which will challenge them to build and improve on their talents, and thereby earn a living for themselves.

Dance Planet Bet is a youth empowerment initiative, birthed by some young guys who see the need to give millions of young talented and creative youths a solid platform, were they can showcase their talents and also inspire other youths around the globe.
For us, it is beyond dancing, singing, or being gifted or talented; we are inspiring a generation that will inspire the next generation. We are building a generation of youths that will not only be responsible to themselves and their families, but will also be a contributor to the society at large. We are building a generation of youths that will be influential, with a sense of purpose, and direction with their talents.
We see the need to have more youths become entrepreneurs with their abilities, and not wait for a job to earn a living. With this platform, we are not only empowering youths to earn a living, they will also be able to help others.
We encourage every youth to take advantage of this global platform and keep improving themselves. Success is certain when preparation meets opportunity. You are closer to your dream than you can imagine. Fly as high as you want to, we are there to support you all the way. See you at the top!